The PRRS presents distinguished scientists from the area of radiation research with the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Medal and the PRRS Scientific Awards. The PRRS Awards Committee verifies applications for the Medal and the Scientific Awards, calls reviewers, and presents its nominations to the General Council of the PRRS. 


The Maria Skłodowska-Curie Medal


The medal was originally designed by a contemporary Polish artist Józef Markiewicz. In 1997 it was redesigned by a young talented artist Hanna Jelonek. The front of the bronze-cast medal boasts a profile of Maria Skłodowska-Curie surrounded by the words ‘sint sua praemia laudi’ (‘there are proper rewards for glory’). The reverse shows a graphical representation of the alpha, beta, and gamma radiations emitted by a slice of a metal imitating a radiation source, the name of the recipient, and the medal number.

The medal is awarded to Polish and foreign scholars for their outstanding achievements in the field of radiation studies and contribution to development of this research in Poland. The medallists are appointed by the General Council of the PRRS by a secret ballot.



Recipients of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Medal:




1. Prof. F.S. Dainton (Great Britain)


2. Prof. Maria Kopeć


3. Prof. Bogusława Jeżowska-Trzebiatowska




4. Prof. Jerzy Kroh


5. Prof. Tadeusz Rudnicki


6. Prof. I.F. Fowler (Great Britain)


7. Prof. A.K. Pikajew (Russia)




8. Prof. A. Charlesby (Great Britain)


9. Prof. Antoni Dancewicz


10. Prof. Józef Mayer


11. Prof. K. Trott (Great Britain)




12. Prof. R.H. Schuler (USA)


13. Prof. J. Beer (Poland, USA)


14. Prof. Zenon Bałtrukiewicz


15. Prof. Władysława Pękala




16. Prof. Adolphe Chapiro (France)


17. Prof. Larry Kevan (USA)


18. Prof. Jan Skołyszewski


19. Prof. Zbigniew Zagórski




20. Prof. Jacquline Belloni (France)


21. Prof. Irena Szumiel


22. Prof. S. Potten (Great Britain)


23. Prof. G.A. Salmon (Great Britain)


24. Prof. D.A. Armstrong (Canada)




25. Prof. Clemens von Sonntag (Germany)


26. Prof. Christian Streffer (Germany)


27. Prof. Andrzej Płonka


28. Prof. Zbigniew Szot




29. Prof. Klaus-Dieter Asmus (Germany)


30. Prof. Thomas Bally (Switzerland)


31. Prof. Jerzy Kaleciński


32. Prof. Stanisław Szmigielski




33. Prof. Shulamith Schlick (USA)


34. Dr. Kenneth H. Chadwick (Great Britain)


35. Dr. Hendrik P. Leenhouts (Netherlands)


36. Prof. Jerzy Gębicki


37. Prof. Julian Liniecki




38. Prof. Eugen Illenberger (Germany)


39. Prof. Masanori Tachiya (Japan)


40. Prof. Mieczysław Foryś




41. Prof. Peter Wardman (Great Britain)


42. Prof. Krzysztof Bobrowski




43. Prof. George Buxton (Great Britain)


44. Prof. Ian Carmichael (USA)


45. Prof. Chantal Houee-Levin (France)


46. Prof. Anna Gasińska




47. Prof. Yuri Berlin (USA)


48. Dr. James F. Wishart (USA)




PRRS Scientific Awards



Every three years the General Council of the PRRS awards the best papers in the fields of radiobiology, radiation physics and chemistry, radiation protection, and related areas. In 1995 financial awards were replaced with statuettes and diplomas.


Recent Awards



dr inż. Jarosław Sadło – main author

prof. dr hab. Jacek Michalik

mgr Marek Danilczuk

mgr Joanna Perlińska

Hirosa Yamada

Satoru Takenouchi

Shuichi Shimomura

Yoshisige Uchida

1st degree team award for 3 publications on: Physicochemical studies on radiation-generated atoms and cationic agglomerates of silver stabilized in zeolite and smectic structures




dr Iwona Grądzka – main author

dr Iwona Buraczewska

dr Anna Romaniewska

prof. dr hab. Irena Szumiel

prof. dr hab. Janina Kuduk-Jaworska

1st degree team award for the work on: Radiosensitizing properties of novel hydroxydicarboxylato-platinum(II) complexes with high or low reactivity with thiols: two modes of action

prof. dr hab. Jerzy Gębicki – main author

dr hab. Andrzej Marcinek

dr Jan Adamus

dr Jacek Zielonka

2nd degree team award for 10 publications on: Radiation and photochemical generationof unstable chemical species of significant cognitive importance

prof. dr hab. Zofia Pietrzak-Flis – main author

dr Paweł Krajewski

mgr Irena Radwan

Yasuyuki Muramatsu

2nd degree team award for the work on: Retrospective evaluation of 131I deposition density and thyroid dose in Poland after the Chernobyl accident

dr Jan Grodkowski – main author

Pedatsur Neta

James F. Wishart

3rd degree team award for 4 publications on: Pulse radiolysis studies on reaction kinetics in ionic liquids

dr Maria Suplińska




3rd degree individual award for the work on: Vertical distribution of 137Cs, 210Pb, 226Ra and 239,120Pu in bottom sediments from the Southern Baltic Sea in the years 1998-2000

dr hab. Magdalena Szadkowska-Nicze


Honour for the habilitation thesis on: Ionic processes in irradiated solid polymers

dr Dorota Słonina – main author

Cordelia Hoikins

Wolfgang Dörr

Katarina Brankovic

Kathrin Spekl

Anna Panteleeva

Honour for 2 publications on:  Influence of radiation on survival of keratinocytesand human fibroplasts




dr Małgorzata Rochalska



Honour for 4 publications on: Influence of magnetic and electromagnetic fields on quality and vigor of cultivated plants



Prof. dr hab. Irena Szumiel  – main author

dr hab. Marcin Kruszewski

dr Teresa Bartłomiejczyk

dr Barbara Sochanowicz

mgr Aneta Goździk

dr Tomasz Ołdak

dr Maria Wojewódzka

1st degree team award for 4 publications on: Studies on repair mechanisms of double strand DNA breaks





prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Zielczyński – main author

dr hab. Natalia Golnik

mgr Piotr Tulik

mgr inż. Michał Gryziński

1st degree team award for 17 publications on: Recombination dosimetric methods




dr hab. Marek Zmyślony – main author

dr Jolanta Jajte

mgr Piotr Politański

mgr Elżbieta Rajkowska

1st degree team award for 3 publications on: Influence of electromagnetic fields of various frequencies on oxidation processes in rat lymphocytes

prof. dr hab. Antonina Cebulska-Wasilewska – main author

dr Agnieszka Panek

dr Zofia Rudek

mgr Anna Wiecheć

2nd degree team award for 7 publications on: Ionizing radiation in the studies of biological effects and modification of individualsusceptibility to genotoxic and carcinogenic influence of the environment

dr Bartłomiej Ciesielski – main author

dr Katarzyna Schultka

dr Anna Kobierska

mgr Renata Nowak

dr Zofia Peimel-Stuglik

2nd degree team award for the work on: In vivo alanine/EPR dosimetry in daily clinical practice: A feasibility study



dr hab. Marek K. Janiak main author

dr Jolanta Wrembel-Wargocka

dr Aneta Cheda

mgr Ewa Nowosielska

dr Maria Marciniak

lek. med. Emil Lisiak

lek. med. Marek Bilski

Honour for 8 publications on: Studies on the modifying effect of low X-ray doses on mechanisms of non-specific antitumor immunity in mice




dr hab. Tadeusz Andrzej Przylibski


Honour for the monograph: Radon. An inherent component of medicinal waters of the Sudeten mountains



dr hab. Maria Hilczer – main author

dr Małgorzata Steblecka

dr Marian Wolszczak

prof. Masanori Tachiya

1st degree team award for 3 publications on: Investigations on the properties of electronically excited states


dr Janina Kopyra – main author

mgr Constanze Koenig-Lehman

dr Ilko Bald

prof. dr Eugen Illenberger

1st degree team award for the work on:  A slow electron triggers the loss of both Cl atoms from the anticancer drug cisplatin: Implications for chemoradiation therapy

prof. dr hab. Zbigniew P. Zagórski




1st degree individual award for the book: Role of radiation chemistry in the origin of life, early evolution and in transportation through cosmic space

prof. dr hab. Marek K. Janiak – main author

dr Aneta Cheda

dr Ewa Nowosielska

dr Jolanta Wrembel-Wargocka

1st degree team award for 3 publications on: Stimulation of the immune system in mice subject to single and multiple exposures to low doses of X-radiation

dr Małgorzata Wrzesień – main author

dr Jerzy Olszewski

prof. dr hab. Jerzy Jankowski

2nd degree team award for the work on: Hand exposure to ionising radiation of nuclear medicine workers

dr Małgorzata Rochalska – main author

dr Aleksandra Orzeszko-Rywka

dr Karolina Grabowska

mgr Aneta Ziarnik

2nd degree team award for 3 publications on: The effect of alternating magnetic field of low frequency on physiological yield-forming characteristics of cultivated plants



prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Bobrowski




1st degree individual award for 3 review articles on: Significance of radiation chemistry for elucidation of the processes involving free radicals in chemical and biological systems

dr hab. Dorota Światła-Wójcik – main author

mgr Joanna Szala-Bilnik



2nd degree team award for 3 publications on: Application of simulation methods in the studies of radical products of water radiolysis in the systems of practical importance

prof. dr hab. Marek K. Janiak – main author

dr Aneta Cheda

dr Ewa Nowosielska

dr Jolanta Wrembel-Wargocka

2nd degree team award for 3 publications on: Antitumor action of low doses of ionizing radiation in radioresistant and radiosensitive mice

dr Halina Lisowska – main author

dr Aneta Węgierek-Ciuk

dr Anna Banasik-Nowak

prof. dr hab. Janusz Braziewicz

dr Maria Wojewodzka

prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wojcik

mgr Li Dang

mgr Sara Shakeri Manesh

mgr Alice Solazzo

dr Marta Deperas-Kaminska

dr Elina Staff

dr Siamak Haghdoost

mgr Karl Brehwens

dr Ingela Parmryd

2nd degree team award for 3 publications on: Studies on the factors affecting radiosensitivity of living cells














Prof. Janina Kopyra – main author

Dr Adrian Keller

JProf. Dr Ilko Bald

Prof. Dr Hassan Abdoul-Carime

Mr Fabris Kossoski, MSc

Prof. Dr Marcio T. do N. Varella

1st degree team award for 3 publications on: Interaction of low-energy electrons with derivatives of nucleobases and nucleosides.




Prof. Dorota Słonina – main author

Prof. Beata Biesaga

Prof. Anna Gasińska

Mgr Anna Janecka

Mgr inż. Damian Kabat

Dr. Karolina Bukowska-Strakova

1st degree team award for 2 publications on: Low-dose hyper-radiosensitivity (HRS) in normal cells of patients with cancer

Dr. Maria Suplińska – main author

Prof. Tamara Zalewska

1st degree team award for 2 publications on: Contamination of marine environment of the southern Baltic Sea by anthropogenic isotopes Cs-137 and Sr-90.

Dr. Bożena Rokita – main author

Prof. Janusz M. Rosiak

Prof. Piotr Ulański

Dr. Radosław A. Wach

Dr. Nina Bartoszek

Prof. Yosuke Katsumura

2nd degree team award for the work on: Hydroxyl radical-induced crosslinking and radiation-initiated hydrogel formation in dilute aqueous solutions of carboxymethylcellulose.

Prof. Anita Krokosz – main author

Prof. Mieczysław Puchała

Dr. Aleksandra Rodacka

Dr. Jacek Grębowski

Dr. Katarzyna Nowak

Prof. Marian Wolszczak

Mgr inż. Anna Konarska

Dr. Beata Pasternak

2nd degree team award for 3 publications on: Antioxidative properties of hydroxylated fullerene C60(OH)x, x>30 in various biological systems.

Prof. Małgorzata Dobrzyńska – main author

Mgr Aneta Gajowik

Mgr Joanna Radzikowska

Mgr Agata Sackiewicz

2nd degree team award for the work on: The effect of occupational exposure to ionizing radiation on the DNA damage in peripheral blood leukocytes of nuclear medicine personnel.

Prof. Beata Biesaga


2nd degree individual award for the work on: Prognostic value of HPV16 infection and selected biological features of cervical cancer in patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy based on cisplatin

Dr. Sławomir Kadłubowski – main author

Dr. Estefania Achilli

Mr. Gonzalo Casajus, BSc

Dr. Macarena Siri

Dr. Constanza Flores

Dr. Silvia del V. Alonso

Prof. Mariano Grasselli

Dr. Rodrigo G. Queiroz

Dr. Gustavo H. C. Varca

Prof. Piotr Ulański

Dr. Ademar B. Lugão

Honour for 3 publications on:  Radiation-induced synthesis of nanoparticles based on proteins and synthetic polymers.






Dr. Adam Sikora – main author

Dr. Dawid Dębski

Dr. Renata Szmulik-Izydorczyk

Prof. Jacek Zielonka

Dr. Bartosz Michałowski

Dr. Małgorzata Jakubowska

Dr. Karolina Dębowska

Dr. Jan Adamus

Prof. Andrzej Marcinek

Prof. Balaraman Kalyanaraman

1st degree team award for the publication on: „Mechanism of oxidative conversion of Amplex Red to resorufin: Pulse radiolysis and enzymatic studies”








Prof. Dorota Słonina – main author

Prof. Beata Biesaga

M.Sc. Aleksandra Kowalczyk

M.Sc. Anna Janecka-Widła

M.Sc. Damian Kabat

Dr. Wiktor Szatkowski

1st degree team award for the publication on: „Low-dose hypersensitive response for residual pATM and gH2AX foci in normal fibroblasts of cancer patients”




Dr. Jolanta Karpowicz – main author

Dr. Krzysztof Gryz

Dr. Jarosław Kieliszek

Dr. Jaromir Sobiech

M.Sc. Wiesław Leszko

Dr. Patryk Zradziński

1st degree team award for 3 publications on: „Assessment of direct and indirect electromagnetic hazards at workplace by simulations and measurements”



Prof. Marek K Janiak – main author

M.Sc. Marta Wincenciak

Dr. Aneta Cheda

Dr. Ewa M. Nowosielska

Prof. Edward J. Calabrese

1st degree team award for the review article on: „Cancer immunotherapy: how low-level ionizing radiation can play a key role”



Prof. Dorota Światła-Wójcik – main author

Prof. Marian Wolszczak

M.Sc. Łukasz Kaźmierczak

2nd degree team award for 3 publications on: ”Reactions of the radiolysis products in aqueous systems of significance for applications”

Dr. Ewa M. Nowosielska – main author

Dr. Aneta Cheda

Col. Dr. Robert Zdanowski

Prof. Sławomir Lewicki

Dr. Bobby R. Scott

Prof. Marek K. Janiak

2nd degree team award for the publication on: „Effect of internal contamination with tritiated water on the neoplastic colonies in the lungs, innate anti-tumour reactions, cytokine profile, and haematopoietic system in radioresistant and radiosensitive mice”


M.Sc. Katarzyna Walczak – main author

Dr. Jerzy Olszewski

M.Sc. Katarzyna Domeradzka-Gajda

Dr. Piotr Politański

M.Sc. Kornelia Kowalczyk

Prof. Maciej Stępnik

2nd degree team award for 2 publications on: „Radon exposure”





Prof. Sławomir Kadłubowski – main author

Prof. Piotr Ulański

Prof. Marian Wolszczak

Prof. Janusz M. Rosiak

Dr. Gustavo H. C. Varca

Dr. Ademar B. Lugão

Dr. Gabriela N. Fazolin

M.Sc. Małgorzata Matusiak

M.Sc. Sebastian Sowiński

Honour for 3 publications on: „Radiation-induced synthesis of nanoparticles from natural polymers (proteins) and synthetic polymers”







Prof. Małgorzata Dobrzyńska – main author

M.Sc. Aneta Gajowik

M.Sc. Joanna Radzikowska

Honour for 2 publications on: „Counteracting or mitigating the damage from ionizing radiation by antioxidants of natural origin”

Prof. Beata Biesaga – main author

Dr. Anna Mucha Małecka

M.Sc. Anna Janecka-Widła

MD. Marta Kołodziej-Rzepa

Dr. Sława Szostek

Prof. Dorota Słonina

M.Sc. Aleksandra Kowalczyk

Dr. Krzysztof Halaszka

Dr. Marcin Przewoźnik

Honour for 2 publications on: „Diagnosing and presence of the human papilloma virus (HPV) in head and neck cancers and the effect of HPV infections on the results of treatment (incl. radiotherapy) of this type of cancer”