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Programme overview



In accordance with the ICRR tradition, oral presentatios will be given by invited speakers only.
All proffered contributions will be presented in the form of a poster.

The complete program book can be
downloaded here


In association with the Congress 4 satellite symposia will be organized in Europe. See here for more details.

We are happy to announce that on Thursday September 1st 2011 Hélène Langevin-Joliot will give a plenary lecture about her grandmother – Marie Sklodowska-Curie.

On Monday 29 August there will be a plenary lecture devoted to the Fukushima nuclear accident.

The ICRR 2011 conference will also host a debate entitled “This house believes that further advances in radiation oncology will come from physics rather than from radiation biology”. The debaters will be Søren Bentzen and Boguslaw Jacek Maciejewski (Gliwice, Poland).

A number of awards will be granted during the Conference. The awardees of international associations are:

Richard Hill – IARR Kaplan Award winner
David Hirst – ARR Weiss Award winner
Penny Jeggo – ERRS Bacq and Alexander Award winner
Dudley Goodhead – ICRU Gray Medal winner

According to ICRR tradition, the above awardees will give plenary lectures before receiving the awards.

The awardees of the Radiation Research Society are:

David Brenner - the Failla Gold Medal winner and lecturer
Marjan Boerma - the Michael Fry Research Award winner
Igor Shuryak - the Radiation Research Editors’ Award winner
Alexandra Paun - the Marie Curie Award winner
Iris Eke - the Jack Fowler Award winner
Lisa Folkes - the Nucleic Acids Research Award winner
Albert Fornace - the SIT Excellence in Mentoring Award winner

Please see more information about the Rad Res awards here.


A draft of the program layout is shown below (changes possible). Please notice that the scheme (at a higher resolution) is also included in the pdf document that can be dowloaded using the link on top of the page.